If you are struggling to use the site read the frequently asked questions below for some guidance. If you still need help contact us


How do I add my listings?
registered members can post listings, if you have not registered yet Click Here to register your free account. Once registed click the "Publish your ad for free" button at the top right-hand side of the page to post your listing.


How do I edit my listings?

You can edit your listings from your user account manager. It's a good idea to update your listing's status to "Sold", "Found" as this will prevent future contacts for an item which is no longer available or needed.


Can I delete my listings?

You can delete your listings from the user account manager but, we would prefer it if you didn't. Just update the listing's status to "Sold", "Found", "Withdrawn" this is so, we have a record of previous listings added by you which builds your reputation on the site and gives future users a good idea of what price an item might be worth.

If you delete a listing any comments or reviews left by other users on the listing will also be deleted!


Who can post free listings?

Free listings are for people who are trying to sell their unwanted astronomy equipment NOT people trying to buy, sell and make a profit. If you are a retailer or someone buying from eBay in bulk to sell individually for a profit please do not add your listings. If you would like to advertise your business you can do so by renting one of our advertising spots, Click Here for more details. Businesses have a hard enough time making ends meet, we do not want to make it any harder for them.


What are premium listings?

You can upgrade your listings to premium for a small cost and have them listed in the Carousel on the main page (will need to have an image). Your listing will also be featured at the top of it's category and location pages. Premium listings benefit from getting maximum exposure for your listing. You can make your listings premium by browsing to the "Item payment status" page in your  user account manager.


Can I leave a review?
You can leave a review of an item you purchased just browse the the item's listing page and enter the details into the form under the map. This is still a very new feature and not fool proof but, we moderate any reviews that come through the system and if we detect any kind of cheating your account and IP will be banned from using the site in the future so, please don't even try it !


Is this site free from scammers?

As with any classifieds site online there is a potential for scammers to try and part you with your hard earned cash. Please be very careful when buying any used items from classifieds site including this one. Read the tips on this page and if you feel like someone is trying to scam you contact us immediately so we can investigate and report it. Here is another helpful guide on buying used astronomy equipment.




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